Pro Ject Debut Carbon Review 2023

By: Waldo Flynn

I’m an intrepid audiophile – something that has seen me collect Vinyl for more than 10 years. My passion keeps my curiosity alive, and I have tested many systems in a bid to find products that deliver exemplary sound quality. In this post, for instance, I will share unbiased findings from a comprehensive Pro Ject Debut Carbon review. Read on to find out what this turntable has to offer.

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07/26/2023 05:04 am GMT

Pro Ject Debut Carbon Review 2023 | Background Info

For years, Pro Ject has been manufacturing quality products that most people enjoy using, especially those who love music. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon is no different. Ideally, this turntable could be the perfect starter for audiophiles like myself.

Particularly, I love how Pro Ject audio systems feature a refreshingly simple design. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that the simple design affects its performance. On the contrary, most of Pro Ject Debut Carbon reviews reveal that it has some of the best components.

As if that’s not enough, you get this item at a relatively low price. After a comprehensive Pro Ject Debut Carbon review, I would recommend this item for you if you’re looking for a turntable that falls in the middle price range. If you’re looking for anything cheaper or more expensive, then you might want to look elsewhere.

As I lay down this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review, let me take you through some of the impressive features that you’ll find in the Pro Ject Debut Carbon.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge (Piano Black)

Pro Ject Debut Carbon Review 2023

The Good


This Pro Ject Debut Carbon review won’t be complete if I fail to mention its design. In fact, the gorgeous design of this turntable was the first thing I loved about it. The Debut Carbon comes in a wide range of colors to allow you to choose the one that represents your personality. You can choose your favorite color from red, green, yellow, blue, gray, and purple.

And that’s just one side of the Pro Ject Debut Carbon review. The turntable has a platter that is made of medium-density fiberboard. This material has good damping for noise isolation from vibrations emanating from the speakers and footsteps alike. You’ll also notice that the turntable has rubberized non-adjustable feet, which help to reduce vibration.

What about the tonearm? Well, this turntable comes with a single-piece carbon-fiber tonearm. From the various Pro Ject Debut Carbon reviews that I have gone through, I can attest that this design makes the turntable stand out from other turntables. How so? The carbon fiber has damping qualities, plus its sturdy construction will fight resonance. Better yet, the tonearm has a lightweight design, which helps to track records smoothly.

Additionally, the Pro Ject Debut Carbon’s platter is made of heavy metal, but it has a thin, felt mat at the top. By now, you’re probably wondering why Pro Ject makes the platter so heavy. Well, the heaviness helps to minimize vibration and noise. You, however, will be required to pick up the platter whenever you’re switching from 33 1/3 and 45 rpm.

The other outstanding feature that we found while compiling this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review is its clear acrylic dust cover. The cover helps to keep your turntable clean, and it doesn’t affect its sound quality whatsoever.


The whole point of getting a turntable is to get something that will deliver great sound quality. Luckily, Pro Ject Debut Carbon has an exemplary performance.

From all the Pro Ject Debut Carbon reviews that I have considered, it seems that Pro Ject has put in a lot of work to improve damping, and that’s why Debut Carbon sounds so spectacular. The turntable does a great job when it comes to neutralizing footsteps. Besides, it does not pick up any noise from its motor. However, I would advise that you put your turntable on a sturdy, solid surface if you wish to get rid of sound from footsteps completely. Alternatively, you can get an isolation rack.

Pro Ject has also fitted this turntable with an Ortofon 2M Red cartridge. The cartridge does a great job when it comes to capturing detail from the records you play. The 2M Red has an outstanding dynamic range, and it tracks very well. What I liked most about this cartridge while putting this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review together is how it makes the sound smoother. And if you ask me, this is quite good for an entry-level Hi-Fi turntable.

The turntable also delivers good bass. However, it might disappoint you if you prefer a warm tilt. While putting this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review together, I noticed that Pro Ject Debut Carbon has a velvety mid-range, and it has a superb combination of sound. Moreover, the turntable is exceptionally quiet.

So, what does this mean for you? It implies that you’ll hear the records better. And from my own experience, you don’t want a turntable that has poor damping. Even better, the tonearm will minimize resonance – A feature that lets you hear less noise from the turntable and more of the records.

Setup and Operation

Imagine getting yourself that turntable you’ve been longing for only to find out that you can’t operate it. That would be disappointing. Right? Fortunately, this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review reveals that you shouldn’t expect such disappointments from the turntable. This is because the turntable is easy to set up even for beginners.

As an audiophile, you’re obviously enthusiastic about your new gadget. As such, you want to start playing your records as soon as possible. Pro-Jet is aware of this. As a result, the turntable comes with an instructions manual. The manual is simple, explains in detail how you will set it up, and points out where everything fits in.

However, you might have a relatively harder time trying to balance the toner. Well, that’s if it’s your first time assembling such a turntable. A majority of the people have some difficulty because one needs to ensure that the carbon tonearm is level before proceeding to set the tracking force.

Pro Ject Debut Carbon also comes with RCA outputs that are situated on the back. You’ll also find the ground peg there. Having these outputs at the back means that you’ll have an easier time replacing the cables when they’re worn out. Additionally, you’ll find a cable in the package, which you will use to connect to a phono preamp. Unfortunately, you’ll need to purchase your phono preamp separately.

You’ll also need to set up the anti-skate for your Pro Ject turntable. Here, you’ll rely on a small weight on the fishing line to make sure that the needle doesn’t move towards the center of the record when it’s playing. From the numerous Pro Ject Debut Carbon reviews that I have perused, however, this shouldn’t bother you so much because you’ll hardly fiddle with the anti-skate. The only time you may need to do so is if you frequently switch phono cartridges.

Fortunately, Pro Ject Debut Carbon comes with an Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge, which is pre-mounted on the tonearm. Therefore, you don’t need to align it. But whenever you need to change it somewhere down the line, you will simply use the included protractor to get the job done.

If you are having any difficulty, be sure to check out our record player setup guide.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge (Piano Black)

The Bad

Intriguingly, I found so little to worry about Pro Ject Debut Carbon from all Pro Ject Debut Carbon reviews that I came across. The turntable might fall in the higher price range as compared to some other products, but it isn’t really expensive.

From the entire Pro Ject Debut Carbon review, I was only disappointed by the fact that Pro Ject Debut Carbon requires manual speed change. This means that you’ll have to do all the work. You’ll need to lower the tonearm on the record if you want it to play. When the record is over, you’ll have to lift the tonearm off and place it into the resting position.

Bottom line

This Pro Ject Debut Carbon review reveals that Pro Ject Debut Carbon could be a great turntable for you, especially if you’re at the entry-level. My passion for vinyl is responsible for me stumbling upon the turntable. For starters, it is easy to set up, and you can upgrade the parts in due course. Most importantly, the turntable produces spectacular sound, and it comes with an impressive Ortofon 2M Red cartridge that has a great dynamic range.

It also has good damping, which is something you could enjoy as an intrepid audiophile. If you’ve decided to go vinyl, I’d definitely recommend this turntable.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
07/26/2023 05:04 am GMT

Pro Ject Debut Carbon Review 2023– Final Thoughts

The Pro Ject Debut Carbon is a turntable that delivers value for the money you spend on it. Even with stiff competition on the market, you’ll find that it is still among the top picks. Having read this Pro Ject Debut Carbon review, feel free to leave your views in the comment section. Moreover, you are welcome to check out our other reviews.

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