Rega Planar 78 Turntable Review: Top Vintage Tech?

In the realm of vinyl, the pursuit of high-quality playback is a journey with no shortcuts. Having spent time with the Rega Planar 78 Turntable, it’s evident that this piece of equipment is crafted for those who appreciate the nuances of 78 RPM records. Its uncomplicated design is devoted to delivering authenticity in sound reproduction. With the latest 24v motor technology and the precision of the RB220 tonearm, every listening session is an orchestration of auditory finesse.

The construction of the Planar 78 embodies a commitment to quality and longevity. Whether it’s the phenolic resin flywheel effect platter or the lightweight plinth paired with a low vibration motor, one can feel the dedication that went into this turntable. Even without any included cartridges, the Planar 78 leaves a lasting impression.

Rega Planar 78 Turntable

Bottom Line

Based on my experience, the REGA Planar 78 is an audio investment that pays dividends in purity of sound. Laden with deliberate engineering choices, it’s crafted for the discerning ear, ensuring that each 78 record spins true to its original quality.

Considering a dedicated 78 RPM turntable? I assert that the elegance and auditory precision of the Planar 78 is compelling.

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Overview of the Rega Planar 78 Turntable

In my hands-on experience with the Rega Planar 78, I couldn’t help but admire its commitment to quality crafted for playing 78 rpm records. This turntable exemplifies dedication to performance without frills. The simplicity in its design is its strength, focusing financial resources on high-quality components for accurate record playback. The use of a 24v motor technology impresses, especially when combined with the precision of the latest RB220 tonearm.

The minimalistic approach extends to the build, promoting longevity and reliability, and avoiding compromise on the listening experience. I found the precision main bearing and the phenolic resin platter to contribute to the seamless operation, enhancing start-up speed and overall stability.

Its low-vibration motor and lightweight plinth add to an audio experience free from unwanted noise. Although the dedicated RB78 cartridge is a separate purchase, it promises to complement the turntable’s setup designed for enthusiasts of the 78 format. The hand-assembled RB220 tonearm with custom bearings and die-cast tube ensures reduced stress and elevated stability.

From a practical standpoint, the Planar 78’s modern styling in black fits well in any room, and the setup process is straightforward, thanks to the focus on usability. The distinct absence of unnecessary features means that I, as a user, am not distracted from what matters most: undiluted, high-quality audio for my 78 rpm vinyl collection.

Precision RB220 Tonearm

After spending some quality time with the RB220 Tonearm on the REGA Planar 78, I’m quite impressed with its performance. It’s evident that a good amount of thought has gone into its design and engineering. The stability and precision it brings to the turntable are commendable. It tracks records with a reassuring consistency, something audiophiles and vinyl enthusiasts would definitely appreciate.

However, I noticed that while the tonearm is a solid performer, setting it up requires a bit of patience. It may not be the most user-friendly for beginners but certainly worth the effort for the audio fidelity it delivers. The absence of any flimsy parts gives a sense of durability and robustness. Its subtle impact on the sound output can be discerned by a keen ear, allowancing a pure and uninterrupted musical experience. It’s not just another component—it’s a significant contributor to the turntable’s overall quality.

High-Quality Components and Design

I immediately notice the sturdy feel of the Planar 78 when I take it out of the box. It’s clear that REGA focused heavily on using durable materials to refine the classic turntable experience. In the realm of 78 RPM record players, it’s evident that they didn’t cut corners with the construction. The minimalist design isn’t just for show; it contributes to the turntable’s impressive performance, capturing the essence of vintage records without unnecessary frills.

As I set up the Planar 78, the well-engineered RB220 tonearm stands out. It feels incredibly precise, similar to higher-end models I’ve used before, and it’s a significant upgrade from its predecessor—the renowned RB250. With a die-cast tube and an innovative three point fixing technique, my records play with less stress on both the plinth and the tonearm, resulting in a surprisingly stable sound.

The phonostage maintains an air of simplicity but with unquestionable quality. The platter, made of phenolic resin, aids in both startup speed and ongoing stability, which isn’t always the case with other models. While handling the lightweight plinth, I appreciate the reduced vibrations, thanks to the low vibration 24v motor which operates quietly while adding a professional-grade touch to this turntable.

Although REGA’s dedicated RB78 moving magnet cartridge isn’t included, considering the overall quality of the components at hand, I can surmise it would complement the turntable splendidly. While the reliance on premium components may push the price above entry-level, the investment seems worthwhile for anyone serious about their 78 RPM records.

Pros and Cons


Having recently had the chance to spin some vintage 78 RPM records on the Rega Planar 78, the dedicated approach to playing these specific records has a clear advantage. Straight out of the box, it’s evident that the turntable is crafted with high-quality components designed to last.

  • High-Performance Engineering: The upgraded 24v motor technology boosts the Planar 78’s performance, making it remarkably smooth and efficient.
  • Precise Tonearm: The RB220 tonearm is a standout, stemming from its evolution from the renowned RB250. It offers exceptional precision and stability, enhancing the listening experience significantly.
  • Solid Build Quality: From a durable plinth to the flywheel effect platter, every aspect feels solid and well-assembled, ensuring that it can withstand the test of time.
  • Focused on 78 RPM: The targeted design for 78 RPM records means that all features are optimized for this format without compromise.

I appreciate the minimalist design approach, which not only gives it an elegant aesthetic but also means there aren’t any superfluous features to complicate its use.


While the focus on a single speed might be seen as an advantage, it does limit the Rega Planar 78’s versatility for enthusiasts who have diverse collections beyond 78s.

  • 78 RPM Only: You’re out of luck if you want to play the standard 33 or 45 RPM records, as it won’t cater to these speeds.
  • Cartridge Sold Separately: The lack of an included cartridge means an additional purchase is necessary, which is the Rega RB78, designed specifically for this turntable.
  • Price Point: For some, the investment might seem steep, considering the turntable’s exclusivity to one speed setting.

The two reviews available are highly positive but it’s worth considering that the Planar 78 is for a niche market, which may not suit the casual listener or someone looking for a more versatile turntable.

Performance and Build Quality

After spending some quality time with the Rega Planar 78, its performance truly stands out. The first thing I noticed was the stability in its playback, thanks to the AC motor that runs smoothly without introducing any unwanted noise or vibration. Paired with the well-regarded RB220 tonearm, the tracking is precise, which is critical for playing 78RPM records—you want every nuance captured without error.

In terms of build, the unit feels solid and durable. Weighing a substantial 10 pounds, it has a heft that screams quality, yet its modern, sleek black design means it won’t look out of place in most settings. And yes, the dust cover is as sturdy as it is functional, protecting the delicate components without compromising the turntable’s elegant aesthetic.

However, not everything is perfect. Given that my expectations were set high by the brand’s reputation, I did notice the lack of an included cartridge, which means additional research and a separate purchase to get it up and running.

Overall, the combination of immaculate build and high-caliber performance makes this turntable a noteworthy contender in its category.

Ease of Use and Reliability

I’ve been spinning records on the REGA Planar 78 for a while now, and I must say, its user-friendly design is commendable. The turntable requires minimal setup right out of the box, which makes it appealing for beginners or those who want to avoid complex installations. Its simplicity doesn’t sacrifice performance, as the dedicated 78RPM speed ensures that your vintage shellacs play at the correct tempo with remarkable consistency.

The RB220 tonearm is a standout feature for me. It tracks records smoothly, reducing the risk of damaging those precious grooves while providing excellent audio fidelity. I’ve noticed the solid build quality of the Planar 78 as well; it feels substantial and reliable, crucial for a turntable at this price point.

One potential downside is that, for those with diverse vinyl collections, there’s no option to switch speeds. This means it’s geared toward enthusiasts with a specific interest in 78s. Also, while the included dust cover is a nice touch, maintaining it can be fiddly – it tends to attract fingerprints and dust itself.

In my experience, the REGA Planar 78 has been a reliable piece of kit that suits its intended purpose perfectly, offering a hassle-free and consistent playback for 78RPM records without any compromise on sound or build quality.

Customer Reviews

After spending some quality time with the REGA Planar 78, I noticed it seamlessly fits into the lifestyle of vinyl enthusiasts, particularly those with a penchant for the classic 78 RPM records. The turntable’s craftsmanship is evident the moment you lay eyes on it, reflecting REGA’s commitment to audio fidelity. With its impeccable 5-star rating on Amazon, it’s clear that I’m not the only one who appreciates the subtleties of its performance.

Although the number of reviewers is currently small, just two at the time of my inspection, the consensus is one of high satisfaction. The robust RB220 tonearm and the thoughtful inclusion of a dust cover highlight REGA’s attention to detail, protecting the componentry as well as the record collection. No negative comments bleed through the feedback, implying a high-quality experience for these users.

In my use, I found the turntable to provide a warm and precise sound, a testament to REGA’s reputation among audiophiles. It’s a piece of technology that doesn’t just play records – it celebrates them. My experience, in conjunction with the perfect rating on Amazon, suggests that this turntable could be a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about 78s.


After spending some quality time with the Planar 78, I’m impressed with its dedicated 78RPM performance. REGA’s attention to detail is evident in the RB220 tonearm, and the inclusion of a dust cover is a thoughtful touch, ensuring the turntable stays clean and functional. In a market flooded with options, the Planar 78 stands out for its simplicity and stellar sound quality, catering exclusively to 78RPM vinyl records. It’s a niche product, but for enthusiasts of vintage records, the precision and quality offered here are unmatched.

While only having a handful of reviews, its perfect rating is telling. Yes, it’s not for everyone; the lack of versatility for 33 or 45RPM records is something to ponder. However, for those dedicated to the older format, this turntable hits all the right notes. It’s a specialist tool in a world where versatility often takes the spotlight – and in its specialty, it shines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having recently had the chance to experience the Rega Planar 78 on my own setup, I’ve taken note of several questions that pop up among audio enthusiasts. In the spirit of sharing insights, let’s dive into some common curiosities about this turntable.

What are the distinguishing features of the Rega Planar 78 compared to other Rega Planar models?

Firstly, the Planar 78 is a purpose-built machine for spinning 78 RPM records exclusively, a departure from the versatility of other Rega models that cater to the standard 33/45 RPM formats. It harnesses Rega’s latest 24v motor technology and the precision RB220 tonearm, which reflect considerable advancements from its Rega Planar ancestors. The attention to high-quality components is evident, all streamlined to optimize 78 RPM playback.

Can the Rega Planar 78 accommodate different types of cartridges, and if so, which are recommended?

While customizing your turntable with various cartridges is part of the audiophile experience, the Planar 78 is tailored to use Rega’s dedicated 78 moving magnet cartridge, the RB78. That being said, the tonearm is versatile to fit a range of 78 cartridges if you prefer exploring alternatives. However, from my perspective, the RB78 cartridge is the recommended choice for unlocking the full potential of this turntable, crafted to harmonize with its design perfectly.

How does the sound quality of the Rega Planar 78 compare to other turntables in its price range?

Sound quality is subjective, but the Rega Planar 78 surprised me with its clarity and stability. The phenolic resin platter and the precision main bearing contribute to an impressive reduction in vibration and resonance. Within its price range, it holds its own with a confident delivery of audio performance, rivaling other high-end turntables geared towards 78 RPM records.

What are the pros and cons of choosing a Rega Planar 78 for playing 78 RPM records?


  • Exceptional sound quality tailored for 78 RPM records.
  • High-quality construction and materials, including the RB220 tonearm.
  • Simple, gimmick-free design focused on performance.
  • Sturdy and reliable build, promising longevity.


  • Limited to 78 RPM – no scope for multi-speed playback.
  • A potential investment in a dedicated 78 cartridge is required.
  • Its minimalist design might lack the features some enthusiasts desire.

How does the Rega Planar 78’s performance stack up against competitors like Pro-Ject turntables?

Against its contenders, such as those from Pro-Ject, the Planar 78 holds a unique position. It’s been my observation that its simplicity and specialization in 78 RPM records give it an edge in performance in that niche. While Pro-Ject turntables are versatile and feature-rich, the Planar 78’s bespoke design for 78 RPM playback ensures a refined listening experience for those specific vintage records.

Where are Rega Planar turntables manufactured and does this impact their quality?

Rega Planar turntables, including the Planar 78, are made in the UK. The manufacturing location plays a role in the quality; British craftsmanship in audio equipment is often associated with high standards and meticulous attention to detail. My experience with the Planar 78 reinforces this reputation as it showcases the excellence you’d expect from a turntable produced by a brand with a strong heritage in audio engineering.

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