When to replace the needle on a turntable

Why does a turntable needle need to be replaced?

A turntable needle is made of materials that wear down over time. What was once sharp and precise becomes blunt and inefficient. That’s why turntable needles sometimes need to be replaced.

When to replace the needle on a turntable

When is the right time to replace the needle on a turntable?

When buying a used turntable

You need to replace the needle on a turntable in a couple of situations. The first is when you buy a used turntable. Whether you are buying it from a certified seller or an individual, you should always replace the needle on a used turntable. A bad needle can destroy your vinyl, so it isn’t worth the risk.

When the sound quality decreases.

Here are some sound issues associated with a needle that needs to be replaced.

Distorted Sound

A blunt needle can sometimes lead to inconsistent playback, which distorts the sound. 

Weak Highs

A turntable needle that needs to be replaced will probably not pick up more sensitive sounds, which tend to be higher frequencies. 

Pops and Cracks

This is a tough one because a lot of vinyl enthusiasts love the analog sound. However, when the pops and crackles start to get out of hand, it’s time for the turntable needle to be replaced. 

Distorted Vocals

This is an extension of sound distortions, but easier to notice. It’s easier to notice if vocals are off. If you notice this happening, it might be time to replace your turntable needle. 

When to replace the needle on a turntable

How to replace a turntable needle

To replace a turntable needle, you simply need to pop off the cartridge and swap out the needle. Check out our guide for more information.

How do I change the needle on my record player?

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